Frequently asked questions for the rental of motorcycles.

About Reservation

Can I reserve anytime?
Yes, we can accept phone calls anytime for your reservation.
Please make the reservation early for availability.  We may not have what you want if you request it the day before your use.

Can I rent a motorcycle the day I start driving? Yes, you can if we have it in our shop at the time.  We advise you to reserve what you want in advance.

About renting and returning

What do I need when I come to the shop when I actually start driving off?
A driver’s license (for all drivers) are needed.
Credit card for payment.


Can I request a manufacturer and type of vehicle?
Yes, we will accept your request when you reserve it.
If the vehicle is available we will offer it to you as a priority customer.
If the vehicle has any problem, we will ask you to accept an equivalent one.


Can I leave the vehicle at any place other than your shop?
No, you can not.


How about gas when I rent it and return it?
The gas tank is full when you receive the vehicle, so please return it with a full tank of gas.
If you choose to return the vehicle without filling the gas , we will charge rather an expensive amount for the gas according to our calculation.

About payment

Which credit card can I use?
We can accept VISA, MASTER, NICOS, JACCS, AMEX but not DINERS.


Is the distance I can drive limited?
No, it is not.  Also, it does not make any difference in the charge.


When can I pay?
Please pay in advance by credit card.
If the gasoline is fully filled when you return the vehicle back, you are not requested to pay additionally.


Is fuel included in the rental charge?
No it is not.
Return the vehicle with a full tank otherwise, you will be charged for the gas at a higher rate.


Can I receive and return the vehicle during off hours?
No, you can not.  Please return or rent during our working hours.


Do you have any parking space for my car?
We do not have any.  We can introduce you to pay parking near by.  Please consult us for the rate.


Can beginners rent the vehicles?
Yes, they can.


Is the international license useful for renting?
Yes, it is.  Please present the license under the Genova code.  Please pay the insurance with credit card if you are  a foreign citizen.


Can I rent it with a driver?
It is prohibited by law to do this.  No, we can not do this.


Can I extend the rental period when I am already driving?
If it is not reserved by a next customer, you can do so.
Please request the extension as soon as possible.  If someone reserved the vehicle, we have to deny your request.

Security measure

Would you let me know about the insurance?
We choose Aioi as the insurance company.  Unlimited coverage for bodily injury liability.  Coverage for property damage liability is \10,000,000 (deductive: \50,000)  Coverage for passengers’ personal accident is \5,000,000 (moped is excluded).
Toll free number of Aioi is: 0120-024-024
There is an optional insurance for the vehicle itself. 
Deductive for this option is from \10,000 up to \100,000.


What should I do in case of an accident?
Please be careful to do the four items below.
4. NOTIFY OUR COMPANY IMMEDIATELY ( if the accident occurred on a holiday or our day off notify the insurance company, PLEASE.).  Obtain documents of proof of the accident.  As soon as an accident has occurred the rental contract is terminated.  Please understand that we can not pay for any unused days of the rental fees.


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